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Sunday, November 23, 2008
The important things @ 7:28 AM

I thought i should prolly change to this font. well.. okay peeps blogging 'bout my day AGAINS~!!! well well... few Days and i've been spotting really tall customers coming to our shop. Prolly because we sell really long dresses [ consider this, the tops are my dress ] =) *smirks*

Anyway, spotted many thoughtful couples and their boyfriends was like either ugly&short or suave&Tall. plus they were really sweet to their Girlfriends/wife. my goodness. protecting them like,dont wear this... and i see them waiting patiently for the girl. [ a view you hardly see or appreciate if you were the girl changing inside ]

Super nice. Coincidence in bugis doesnt end. i saw Germaine [ ex-senior ] and a couple [ jingwen & Leon ] they were looking for jobs. and was like applying for the shop right across mine... woah.

Hope to see them soon. at least i wont be that bored.

Its has also been so weird that the peeps i have been working with me are older and talked different things. [ well, at least theres one i could relate and talk to ] hahas.

Was kinda nagged by my boss today. she disliked chinese songs. she say it made the shop become a market? [ wondering if shes talking 'bout bugis street/ chinatown ] oh well..

Then realise that there were five outlets of emilys. at clark quay [ two ] at bugis [ ms emily ]

and tamp. [ also emilys ] and at far east. [ fivestones ] LOL. so now you know. haha.

Learned a few things though. And been spending free time thinking about poly/JC. hmm.. how true. i dont know. still am confused shall see how when i got my results. *-*

Quote : Memory is a way of holding on to the things you love, the things you are, the things you are, the things you never want to lose.

But then what are the parts where it consist of things you wouldnt want to remember, had never wanted it to happen , and would wish for it to be gone?

Life is just so contradicting , as then it is interesting. or was it complicating?

Loves suie;

p.s the love to think is the way of self-improvement. =)


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