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Sunday, November 16, 2008
im bleeding while its gone @ 6:40 AM

Ho hO.! hey everyone. Guess everyones tied down with work. of not appointments. If not... SLACKING? lmao. guess im just crapping.

Theres not much happen. Except for the upcoming birthdays. and their celebrations. For JAC jac and cassandra!! happie birthday guys. LOL. its on 21st// =.=

guess im Bored!! =p. im so freaking hoping to get my results. i dont know why. it just felt so weird not knowing the results after an exam....for so long either. hahas. and Chalet is so far away too. Dead!. hahas. i thought i was going to be so so so damn busy, but well end up not really.. as the exam period has seriously got me addicted to home. i have been staying home as much as i could . My goodness. while others were having so much fun/work right. goodness.

Spending my days watching dramas and anime. Which i got scolded for. and i sued that person , so its damn fine with me la. haha. =)

Blehs. gotta go already. sadly. will blog my experience. byebyes.

LOves. suie!

% Today , tomorrow plus yesterday is too much. lets just remember today and welcome tomorrow and just leave the yesterdays behind. =)


When whispers no longer survive;

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