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Saturday, November 15, 2008
The protons&electrons @ 10:49 AM

Another quiz by FRIEND.

Q1. who was the one that tagged you?
Ans: Xinyi?
Q2. Your relationship with her?
Q3. Your 5 impression of her?
Ans: Kind and Cute?
Q4. The most memorable thing she has done for you?
Ans: she will smile everytime i see her?
Q5. If she becomes your lover, you would.....
Ans:Hug her everyday cos shes so cute/hugable?
Q6. If she becomes your lover, she needs to improve on?
Ans:To talk more often to me. =)
Q7. If she becomes your enemy, you would...
ANs: apologise to her and make up?
Q8. If she becomes your enemy, she needs to improve on?
Q9. If she becomes your enemy, the reason would be?
Ans: well perhaps because she betrayed me?
Q10. The most desired thing you want for her to be?
ANs: to stay as carefree and happy thoughout her life.
Q11. Your overall impression of her?
Ans: She gives off a sunny aura.
Q12. How do you think others will think of you?
Ans: A pig that just got lost a million years ago.
Q13. The characters you love about yourself?
Ans: is there anything i could?
Q14. The characters you hate about yourself?
Ans:Sloppy? LAzy?
Q15. The most ideal person you wanna be?
Ans: still myself
Q16. For people that care & love you, what would you wanna say to them?
Ans: i really love you guys and give them my POWERED hug.
Q17. Pass this quiz on to 10 people that you wish to know how they feel about you...
8``Lil sister
10``Soh WeiXIn

Q18. Who is 6 having a relationship with?
Ans:(branson) Angela.
Q19. Is number 9 a female or a male?
Ans: (crystal) Female. Clear as Crystal?
Q20. If number 7 & 10 are together, would it be good?
Ans: ( matt and weixin ) eh. One tried to. but failed. so NO.
Q21. What is number 2 studying about?
Ans: (cass) CUrrently nothing.
Q22. When was the last time you chat with number 3?
Ans: ( mich )Just a few hours back
Q23. What kind of music genre does number 8 like?
Ans: ( lil'sister ) Mainly christian songs. and some slow hiphop.
Q24. Does number 1 have sibilings?
Ans: ( dhana) yes , two other brothers.
Q25. Would you woo number 3?
Ans: ( mich ) yes. shes AWESOME!
Q26. How about number 7?
ANs: no way! how could the daughter go with the father???
Q27. Is number 4 single?
Ans: ( Xling ) Yes. Arhem.
Q28. Whats the surname of number 5?
Ans: ( winnie) PRAWN/ SEAH!
Q29. What is the hobby of number 10?
Ans: Looking for branded goods? and best Worthed stuffs?
Q30. Does number 5 & 9 get along together?
Ans: dont think so?
Q31. Where is number 2 studying at?
Ans: (cass) currently not in any school.
Q32. Talking something casually about 1...
Ans:(Dhana) Dota-ing
Q33. Have you tried developing feelings for number 8?
ANs: ( lil'sister ) thats of course. and its still going! shes my lil'sister!!!
Q34. Where does number 9 live?
Ans: ( crystal ) two blocks ahead.
Q35. What colour does number 4 like?
Ans: pink?red?
Q36. Are number 1 & 5 best friends?
Ans. ( winnie and dhana ) just friends. =)
Q37. Does number 1 have any pet?
Ans: ( dhana ) yes. two dogs. or three?
Q38. Is number 7 the sexiest person in the world?
Ans: ( matt ) EWWWW.
Q39. What is number 10 doing now?
Ans: ( weixin ) Sleeping? hello its 3 in the morning?!

P.s. Sometimes love cannot be forced. But i dont understand why it had to be you.
I'm vanilla loved.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.