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Friday, November 21, 2008
it was a flair @ 6:54 AM

hello people. im back. been working and im dead tired today.
haha... working at emilys has been fair. haha. LMAO. pretty much liked the dress there. But. the price was so out of reach. and i made a promise to my heart that the moment i get my pay i will buy apparels from there. Muhahah!!~ woots~!.... Anyway, finally got to know Whats its like to be a retail sales ASst. LMAO. so...Omgoodness....Theres like this damn...!!! WHy do you sell such expensive clothes . i can buy the same thing somewhere for the same price lor. * me thinking * .. Then pls make your way there. to that SOMEWHERE. for what reason do you still come to our shop? LMAO. hmm... was such a coincidence that... i saw Mouse/arran/chenghoo&ivan.
hha. then we went back together with my cousin too. muahaha. LMao. LOL.
okay and now theres a bigger problem....im UBER freak up. ****, and peeps keep....

im damn fed up...
Quote: theres something HIDDEN in the clouds you cant see.
just like when you're surrounded by a wave of mist.
its neither fact ( pause.. ) nor PHONEY.
Just like the grey part of life that you cant get it.
and thats what i call REALITY.
Though People in DREAM might never get it.
But TRUTH slaps in..
And that really UBER super DUPER ...HURTS. when it wasnt heard from the creator ITSELF.
P.s : peeps. Listen LEARNING takes efforts so dont be LAZY.
peeps. Hear me. COPYRIGHTS matters so dont you CHEAT.
peeps. remember this. PRACTICE takes not only time&counts but the HEART that you put into it.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.