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Monday, November 24, 2008
Reasons for everything @ 6:43 AM

No.One. Being a girl is damn good. Cause you will not get cases of RAGGING. Damn eek !!
No. TWO. having a surgery when you 're just born. SO you'll be like Karolina Kurkova!! yipes!
No. Three. Like the shop im working at. They reject ' LIAN ' style and peeps. Whoopee!!~ yeahs!
No.FOUR . addiction for J.cool. because you can choose the toppings and its 97% fat free.
No. five. love the Sales. 'Cause clothes are Free size. LOL.

Well. 'bout today's work. Was quiet. Kinda. Earned about only five hundred plus. i felt that i was cheated by the boss... LOL. My pay.. LOL. hahas. anyway. Chatted much with shijie [ colleague ] , We even played with customers babies. i made one cry. and we noted loads of mixed blood. one was super weird and we got triple shock. part one.. their mother [ two kids ] looks like Philippine / malay. secondly.. The lil'girl.. MIXED blood look. golden hair. Spoke this. ' mama is changing clothes in CHINESE ' tians~... my goodness. then thirdly.. the know the mix part. is mian dian mix England. im wondering how did they even meet? haha. win right??

Next thing. Because chinese new year is coming. loads of peeps are buying new clothes NOW. my goodness. lmao. Then i haven got mine. not even a single plan of getting what!? lOL. *-*

Finally friends info: one of my friend got himself a nice online Girlfriend.
Saw chenghoo and siewmin again. haha. nice. we are going to decide what to buy for jerome. JEROME ah. lmao. haha.

perhaps i should come up with a NEW year list. hahas. whatever. anyway.. i should be sleeping already. since i have many plans and needs to open SHOP. lmao. kkays gotta run! byebye.

Quote: i see the true colours SHINING!.

loves suie


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