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Friday, December 12, 2008
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The new Vest.

So many things happen. And much had change.
anyway, i know that trips/long-outings/etc. post can be kinda long , heavy loaded [ pictures ] and boring. so im kinda touching and go. and since the cam's down pictures are at the least and not posting now. =)

6th December ;
morning was irritation-ing.
Filled with bickerings [ not me ] and im sick. damn sick.
The way to Japan [ takes six hours (plus) ] felt uneasy/worried. As if somethings gonna happen.
Touched down, the first thing was to their *OG/BHG* kinda in Jap'" version. And straight to the hotel. thats for the day, =)

7th December ;

Trips are seriously LOOOOOOOOOOOOONG. takes every hour or so to travel from one place to another. Headed to see the ancient houses. which we failed to , as they were closed. next was Mt.Fuji. which we went to peacepark to have a good snapshot of it , while observing all the statues. *smirks* Was supposed to enter and touch the SNOW on the mountain. But it was shut off too , due to some weather problems... *sobbs* so we went to another hotel down at the foot of the mountain. We get to sleep on the floor.. [ which makes my lil'sister so excited ] There's hot spring spa too. which i skipped it unintentionally. i slept after medication. =)

*note: walking and weather was torturing me [ im sick ]

8th December ;
Buffet Breakfast.
Left the Mt Fuji Hotel , leaving its magnificent views and place there and headed to * lei men * Temple, it was really huge in there. Took much pictures and bought souvenirs and dolls. LOL.

`Next was GINZA. Blue labels~ but it was so so retard. we spent bout two hours there. Saw H&M but din manage to get stuffs 'cause im pulled out by my mum. =.= LOL.

`Afterwards was Shinjuku.. * GE WU JI * Its a place with Numerous/many Neon Lights/Board.
It was said as a haven for men. [ pubs / casinos / jackpots[ etc] and places for rendezvous ]
The worst when we toured there. theres a street filled with Boys pictures. *gigolo's house * my goodness. and you know who are the highest payers there? the prostitutes. =.= this is because they wanted to take revenge. So they go there pay , and order the gigolos around. LMAO.

*dinner was shabu~shabu. haha. And *tie ban shao*. i think its the same thing . so yeah. *winks*

9th December ;

since it was boring. requested a free and easy day. Went to shinjuku and Harajuku. Shopped like mad. Because we din manage to the past few days. But sadly there wasnt anything.. like.. it was Damn Expensive. Lunched at one of the restaurants. [ Did i mention ? the food was like Damn expensive there , But some was nice. Especially its curry~ ] . *smiles~* kekes. i even bought some back. haha.!!!! Back to story. Rained at four plus five. Unlucky! so disneyland trip was ruined. ANd back to the hotel for SPA!! haha.

*Note: the trip we travelled by the train. WAS super fast. the Force was super huge as a train past by you could feel its pushing force. [ i got startled by it ] *-*

10th December ;

We thought today was free and easy again. So we had planned to go disneyland. But it was not. the New tour guide requested us to meet him at Ten in the morning. OH~! went to a shopping outlet , ten minutes walk next to our Hotel. =) haha. But my naughty mumi decided to smuggle us by their train to Hard Rock Cafe. lol. she kept emphasizing the TOKYO print on the shirt. LOL.

* note: so im having much regrets , cause i gave up buying much presents that i thought could be bought in Disneyland. But we din go. *Furious*... So to some peeps. i might left out or got you guys some little gifts from japan only. Dont expect too much. =)

`Got to the airport at four. Lunched. Was super nice, cause i had my recent craves [ the plain tofu wrapped sushi ] haha. lil'sister then rewarded herself with a five hundred plus [ sing dollars ] camera cum video cam. like... oh my goodness~i almost fainted.

Rushed over to the plane by the shuttle train. bought * bai se lian ren * on the way. nice~ [ thanks Carmen for intro-ing me that ] *loves~*

the long air-trip started again. slept , and woke up at eight plus to have my dinner. The two trips had allowed me to watch hell boy and house bunny. Also another Jap-movie!! tada! kinda nice. Then Touched down on the next day at 00:47. hahas. so tired. Got home , freakin' hot and itchy. showered and unpacked my stuffs. and slept. !!!! yippee!!..

haha. and then i forgot whats going on.

Today.? went to the temple with Granny. Ate vegetarian dishes. I loved it. Tasted good.
[ mama ate two bowls of rice , so it was GOOD ] haha =)
*recieved a call from kamal. LOL and then arran went to clarify *
Then shopped for dry goods and toys . *yikes* the kids ran amok , it was so not under-control. So i went to get my pigeon!!!. lol. =) Was planning to go Tampinies mall. But because of certain crop ups.. We went home by Cabbie.LOL. Had packed Dinner and slacked.
I think as days goes.. im really going to be a big PIGGY!!! lol.

well.. i gotta stop here. Got to play catching with the young ones. LOL.

LOves suie ;

p.s Tokyo ( error? ) hotel. in die Nacht.


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