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Sunday, December 14, 2008
Gnade Me Love @ 8:16 AM

Days have been passing like it makes no difference.
It seems meaningless. Like everyday.
My goodness. The Mythology of me Doing stuffs/living.

Is it possible for someone who seemed like fulfilled everyday with things and appointments ; with things to accomplish and worry ; and problems to solve and arrange ;
Yet to grasp nothing at the end?

Yes. To it seemed.

Like wasting my time/life. [ &&YOUTH ]
Have been entertaining my cousins throughout. And stuffing myself like crazy , 'cause my granny keeps on forcing us to eat and eat and eat. And when you wakes up from her Nap. She'd forget we just ate. =.=

Was suppose to be in the Zoo today. But no , it Rained.!! [ wonder does it spell happie ]
End up bringing them to Eastpoint [ their favourite Hangout ] , bought them ice-cream to stuffs\ their mouths. Well , i slipped in to popular and flipped through maGz. They dont have CLEO....

But got a flip while outing with MOussy. Still considering whether to get the JAN issue of Cleo. Nothing much but the palm reading part attracted me. [ along with some other superstitious stuffs ] *-* *yeahs~*
Started to drizzle when we're going home. Damn. but i still had to play catching with those cousins of mine. LOL. lalas~~~~

well thats much 'bout the day. =)

Loves loves suie``*XX*
P.S: i thought it was so Gone. But i actually loved you more than you did.

Ich hoffe, daß Sie jetzt glücklich sind.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.