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Friday, December 19, 2008
Zealous-ness @ 7:21 AM


Feelin' bit / slight empty.. My cousins are back to Malaysia. Sounds like freedom? Nahs. Gotta deal with some stuffs still.
Was out with moussy/Cheng/2X vannz. and arran TAN. LOL. Was really happie to be able to have dinner with them. Like so hardly this group can form to eat/slack/chat.
afterwards..walked around eastpoint to get moussy's stuffs. Then was slacking [ ancient ] over my house.

` And im so happie that im truthful that moment. im like.. not hiding anything and saying the truth [ Truth to my feelings , that is.. Towards some peeps. i dont like you , you know it. and i talk to you ,is just of a formality =) ]. SO that was it.

`Anyway , once a friend told me, find a guy as a confidante not a girl. i kinda like her saying, and of course like.... { proven } But anyways, its hard to find a guy that can bear me. And my problem is ... the more closer you're to me , the meaner im to you. =) that's Reality. =)

`hahas. Been troubling over some stuffs. thinking and pondering.
Anyway , shouldnt bore you guys over such things... jumping OFF.


P.s: if life was as simple. If life was wonderful. There wont be something call dream , the word HOPE and the possibility of "IF".


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.