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Monday, December 29, 2008
temporary sickness @ 5:49 AM

*blinks* im back. Well , for not blogging a couple of days. =)

Was out with crystal . Finally & successfully got my camera warded. [ Note: not really a good thing ] Watched Angus , Thongs and perfect Snogging for the second time. DAVE was the cutest. Although at the last moment , Robbie!! Gave the perfect To-die-for smile/look when he turned and looked. *goshes~* Afterwards , was walking down to/at orchard. Tasks done and dine at two different places.

It was me who went to the hospital. Got my knee checked. And it was a normal sprain. And i was like jumping around { before i got nagged by my momi } . Im such a ____ ___ !
Lunch-ed with my cousin. We were like fiddling with the ketchup bottle when she did something fascinating?! She said it was physics called " liberation " . im like okay i din learn that. But she went on saying that she was lying and theres no such thing , its common sense. yada. and when i replied was she referring that i have no common sense? She said no . its just that my sense aren't common. i almost fainted~* { got myself a silver hairband that day too }

anyway , these few days gave me some time to be alone at home , and while i was reading my diaries , i found out that the standard of my language dropped significantly. Damn!. i need to brush it up before next schooling starts. =) hahas.

oh. i almost forgot!
Saturday was over at Dominics. Played a couple rounds of Mahjong before it really bores me out. { looking about in his closet before he said he minded } anyway , next was guitar hero , which we played 'til dinner time. Dinner was at McDonalds , WhiteSands.

Arcade was next , although its only me and arran playing. Ice-cream-ed since there was nothing to do. Chatted awhile and i thought i spoke too much! { happens when no ones talking and im the one doing the entertaining }

And thats all Folks! =)

Loves suie``

p.s: if only i can get my German GUY!! yipees!!


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