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Wednesday, December 24, 2008
running against the lies @ 9:17 AM

love has made the world go ROUND!?.
=) hahas.

`On the 24th was out with siewmin/jasmine/huiting/yanteen/both ivans/cheng and arrantan. [ ps. sorry if i had miss out any? ] Anyway , lunch , movie then dinner. sort of. =)
Im feeling that im so over the Top. oh my goodness. Tay and arran has asked me to remove my hat but i didn't LOL. { so sorry }

`Having long chats with huiting while waiting for the others , doing their shopping at daiso , which kinda set me on wonders. and i realise im not a good teller and i rather to be the quiet one. =) { suits me } =)

`Movie was ' bedtime stories ' Was a comedy. =)
Though some find it boring, but its cooL. =) Met up with st.john peeps afterwards. Bit weird but still okay , split up was like five minutes later. =.=
`Dinner was at ' just noodles ' thanks to CHER. *credits* ate till the brim and took a couple of photos before splitting with me and siewmin alone. hahas. Just a simple girl-to-girl chat. We end up finding the atmosphere in the station ? *funny~* But its been ages since we were alone together and having a serenity of time catching up on each other , we end up forgetting the time , missed a couple of trains and heard a group cheer then we checked our handphones to realised its TWELVE. haha. *smiles~* How cute is she? =) Then Train-ed home while i was busy doing some stuffs. Got home and met my mum downstairs. { what a coincidence }
im freaking bored now and i wish that i could get some fun. Been stuffing down loads of food, so its time to carry on my slim plan after Christmas. Dears~! im so dead! lol.

anyway , gonna stop here, before my day bores you out.

Bye peoples! and remember peeps , enjoy your lovely dovey CHRISTMAS.
Loves suie~``
p.s: i thought i did never had to face that again . but im running up&down once again.


When whispers no longer survive;

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