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Tuesday, December 30, 2008
Reminisce @ 7:00 AM

The growing & continuing:
Theres a part of life we have to change ;
A part of life that we would have the most regrets ;
The longest period of time ;
The shortest flashback ;
It was the time Where we learnt the most ;
The time where we knew life wasnt simple ;
The time that we realise actually most people lived with altruism ;
The friends we make should last and last ;
The lovers we knew should blossom and grow ;
The Bonds we built , the unity we had ;
Shall always be strong, if not remembered always. =)

My Friend:
To tell you in the direct way , for what you say/text , you din wanna prove / seemed as /etc
you have already done so. The truth will speak for itself { the innocence }.
And theres this principle , for what and how you want peeps to look and treat you , first you must give it to people first.
The trust you wanted, you have to give. the honesty you demanded you have to give.
The accompany you wanted you must Give.
For loneliness does not only lie in only one body , but also in your friends.
For assurance/comfort does not belong to one or only you would need it.
And the critical one for you is that silence and understanding does not always go together or click.

And the crucial one is EFFORT.
my friend , no one wants to lose friends , no one wants to be alone.

Take my heed. Or.. perhaps im not such a good advisor , but i hope it really make you reflect and understand.

Loves suie


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.