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Sunday, January 04, 2009
Draw Me A Picture @ 4:34 AM


iM sehr missing my camera!! [ Realise that there arent many pictures , i mean Zilch ]
Went for church today. Was literally cabbie-ing the whole day. And today was so not a wasted trip , kinda answered much of my doubts.
Afterwards , headed to town. Went to run some errands and grabbed my Drink/snack and off to bugis.
Needa release of something. did a couple rounds aimlessly. sometimes i figure perhaps the desire of me going to germany was the fact that i do enjoy the LONE.
If you guys didnt know , im looking for a couple stuffs over singapore. And it makes me super tired. Sometimes i just wished and hoped that i could be able to design/draw/sew clothes. So i wouldnt need to go through [ lesser ] this , and not to only find some similar pieces To what i really wanted. =)

When the results DAY gets nearer the more Freakin' nervous i am. Hm.. im now trying to get rid of the poly spell.. its like 3/4 of my friends are choosing poly. Oh goodness.. PEOPLE!
anyway , before everything gets really draggy im keeping almost half another post to myself. For those who dont know { surprised } i keep a diary. * its quite obvious* =)

Later people~ loves suie.

p.s: someday , you should grow up and learn. =)


When whispers no longer survive;

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