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Saturday, January 03, 2009
The Lil' Promises @ 6:23 AM

My.my. I read the time , and i was like almost late to meet moussy.
Had a stayover at Xin's House. Camped 'till ten plus. Slept at six in the morning.
We Did random stuffs and Spoke Randomly. Although it include rich Arse-holes and some HOtties. =) *smiles*Oh oh , and photo-takings. It Was totally awesome , since it was like a century ago that i last went to her house for a sleepover or something like that. =)
Afterwards Met up with moussy/arran/cheng/2ivans. =) Baking session at my house , and i realise the boys are like the white elephants during the whole process , they end up playing *something* in my lil'roomie. { ultra-Dots } .
Anyway , after getting comments of our cookies , end up doing crazy stuffs together. And i heard IVAN TAY's singing. [ although i suspect not his best yet ] . =) Friggin' wanted to record it , but min said it was bad. LOL. =) so i din.
After all the HILARIOUS moment & FUN. We Ordered pizzas for our dinner. Damn filling /FUll. ~ We took more than an hour to finish our dinner. ~ WAs flippin' thru the channels , a saturday so not much shows screening , and before we got really bored of it we drift off to chatting aimlessly about courses and Wii.
Very tempted to get one myself, but as ivan say , its a tempory interest that doesnt last and its friggin' expensive. =) so i have to withstand that bloody temptation!!!! arghs~*

Sended them off round ten plus night. =) how time flies?
anyway , gotta snatch the jeans from my sister. Awws~
Flying off. =) Loving you : suie*

* After today , more stuffs that i am thinking about had answers.
Perhaps it was really a part and parcel of life*

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