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Thursday, January 01, 2009
2009's One day. @ 1:34 AM

Woah. I just found out life without camera is Tres Boring!!!

If you haven been seeing me close to a year { or exact } , and i have gain more than 10kg { an addition to my thirty-plus weight } by then . I was all cover up , with uncombed hair and im sweating like hell , head down reading a book { which doesnt write my name on it } and listening to my handphone/music. Will you stop to take a good look , to recognise me and say a hi { with a smile } ? LOL. well a friend of mine did. *goshes~* Im super-duper shocked. But he's a good one. Being able to recognise me . would you guys be able? *laughs~* { or bother? }

Anyway , its a new start of the year. And i hope everyone has their new goals and tatada~ LOL.
i have gotten my new get-list/wishlist. But not much of goals-setting and resolutions {yet}. =) *smirks*
Caught " Yesman " for the second time. It was Tres Hilarious. Im like laughing 'till i forgot whats showing. { okay thats not making any sense , am i? } *laughs~*
Got home in my Mumi's car. Im like requesting her to drive faster so i can publish my post on 1st January 2009!!! But i think i miss-ed it still.=)

Hmm..Gosh im like rushing this post , but its the wondrous feeling of it , Its a NEW year. hahas. And really hope to get something good out of it. Like , for most of us , its a new/great step. Either poly/junior college. Ain't it? =)

well... Gotta end it RIGHT here.
{before my cousin starts screaming~} Toodles~!!
LOves Suie!.....


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