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Wednesday, January 07, 2009
Ugliness of You @ 9:46 PM

`Posting have become like the update of my diary. Until i stop to write in it. perhaps to just hide everything within { not that i have something or much to hide about } =).
`Days have become quieter , the reason might be not having schooling. Like everyone knows The long awaited/dreaded day is on thy fateful 12th`January.
`The path to this day must have changed lotsa peeps and set many on thinking { applied to those who cared about their future } . I felt that im kinda hay-wired now.
XXXxxxxxXXXXxxxXXx.... i dont think some things should be blogged out.
`Come to think of it , everyone is wearing a freaking mask to face the world. Its the matter of how well you design your mask , how you wear it , when to wear it and how long do you intend to hide behind it.
` To bring it everyday , to face everyone with it. OR to use it because you have to , or because you just want to.
`I think its an obvious answer that its a way to escape reality. Just like playing a game , you cant win and you use underhand methods.
ahhs~ im giving out my own thinking and comments again. i see. =)
Lets just continue with my days~
`Yesterday was out with huiting. Hit the Gym for approximate two hours. Afterwards changed and got further plans to Winnie's friend chalet { last minute plan done by huiting } . Cassadra was there too , with christopher and winnie's friend { i dont know how to spell her name }
Anyway , stayed till Ten. With nothing much to do. Although the company& cycling&arcade. { while i was there i discovered hostility. so the feeling was mutual . }
So that was all. i know im kinda mean to shorten the damn-ed whole thing , but im seriously not in the mood for much explaining.
going off to tropic thunder. loves suie.
P.s : i know not of you , but seen you more of what i knew. && im glad.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.