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Friday, January 16, 2009
Waging a war with my heart @ 7:44 AM

OOH. Impressive. Expressive. WHATEVER!!!
My music is Oh -so- LOUD. Oh.Gosh.im.talking.nonsensical.sh!t.
Blehs!!!! *-* ... Today was CCA-fair. =)

`Went out early to meet huiting and thems for a small discussion. Didnt plan much for our CLASS CHALET!!!!! , but did catch up with the few friends. { courses/schools/ETC }.
Running off to Tampinies mall , met up with siewmin/cheng/ivan/cher/ROMEY. =)

`Lunch-ed and back to School... im totally kinda speechless for band. How can ____ be so Blind. Oh goodness~ But im super glad/happie/Euphoric/delighted.. That my section improved? Muahaha. { the Brasses RAWKS } =) - =) - =)
Today , band performance wasnt conducted by MR.Goh. { namely our conductor } . one day i think he will just give up on the Band. [ most prolly ] . Poor Gary. which is why i think eupho-section shouldnt rely on him too much , causing him too much STRESS~. [ oh dears my heart aches ] && that _____ you are at fault TOO causing him SADNESS!!. After that accompanied winnie while others went out to kill boredom. =)

`Having the patience , talked/listened to the leader(s). Played on the instruments and rushed down to Xins house. helped her with her Blog-shop and went home for dinner. =)
Today was a super rushing/___ Day. thanks/Credits ANDRE for entertaining me =)

`Oh gosh. im feeling freakin SAD/upset because my Handphone is unable to reply anyone!!!!! recieve and no sending. how painful is that?!
And it makes my heart aches.
why is there oh so many stuffs that wrenches my heart!

Sh!t gotta go.
l Suie.
p.s: Baby please tell me you arent the live wire .


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.