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Tuesday, January 13, 2009
make a wish , take a step @ 1:13 AM

Hello people! i know everyone must be racking their brains off in deciding courses.
im not left out either. im having an average mark. that is kinda just make it for JCs and a waste in Poly. What should i do?? confused. But anyway , i will come to a decision on Thursday.
hahas. I hope everyones thinks carefully and be optimistic. You dont have to go for the worst , check for all possible routes and dont give up!. Life will only be good if you carve it the way you want it to be. =)

`Up up and away. After then i suppose peeps will be separating? which i hope will not happen. =)
New year is coming soon & i suppose girls will be desperate to shed some weight and students will be worrying in how to face THE RELATIVES. haha. how terrible , how lucky that my relatives are mostly ancient or Malaysians. =) *wins* *three cheers*
Ho Ho~
`Currently Job-scouting with weixin. Im most prolly going to Singapore poly. Because i dont wanna be stuck in the sea of Eastviewians. { am i being tad honest or very mean? }
I dont care! But still its a Uber grave choice. =)
Seriously in a state of confusion so i dont wanna blog much or further. prolly continuing only after i make my choice.

SO long and til' then~
Loves suie=)

P.s i caught hold of you Darlin' . Make me your best.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.