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Saturday, January 17, 2009
@ 6:54 AM

Went out with MIN MIN MINNY!!!!!!
head towards Chinatown with her /weixin. =)))))


`Shan't say much , the pictures TALK!!! A picture depicts a thousand words , see how kind am i to spend the time and type so many words?!! =0 haha!!!!! *claps*
=.= . Anyway , was freaking pissed i couldn't find the dessert stall that i wanted to intro her! =((
But we manage to went food street to get our Dessert =)))

`Afterwards was craziness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! went around taking pictures and tried Qi pao!! the traditional chinese wear. [ peeps keep staring at us ] =)) and MIN MIN was SUPER UBER PRETTY!=)) melts guys heart!
*winks* Tooo bad din have a good shot. =)) afterwards head over { somewhere } to get our own personalized accessories!! muahaha. Knocked to a couple of friends over here and there. Talk about coincidence! =)) then was Dining at SHokudo!!!!! LOL. Intro-ed by MIN MIN MINNY!
haha. Then head for after-Dine-Walk. [ healthy!! ] muahahs.~~~~~~~~

`oh gosh . Fought with my sister the moment i got to the doorstep. =.=
&& realised i spend so much today. i wonder what i did. *-*. i need a money supplier!! desperately!!!

okay! pictures time!!! =)))))))

~&& i realise i look chubby in all the pictures.
Leaving~~~~~~~~~~~ loving you ; suie!
p.s: Pause & think . are you giving empty promises? or are you just wasting of your life? =))


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