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Friday, January 30, 2009
miss the lips , hit the fay. @ 6:30 AM

Goodness! im like so hungry and tired~ =))
Anyway , just got back from Malaysia , and ______ .
Awws~ im like missing someone so so so so so X _____ so much. =((
Putting aside Chinese New year issues. I suppose everyone had gotten their posting of schools.
im posted to Engineering with business in Singapore polytechnic.
Although theres " business " in it , But its an engineering based course. ?-? The only good thing i suppose in entering this course as much peeps i knew are going to SingaporePOlyechnic.
So im considering the other option. { appeal } But courses left are not really to what i want. =((
`On to something else... In malaysia days are passing like wind breeze.
i want days to be longer , a day to have more hours , but then people will then not appreciate and cherish the time they have. =)) { And without him i'd die faster. } Goshes~
`Skip to My handphone , as some of you know , it committed suicide.
So i was thinking between a sidekick or X1. To replace it. =)) =P
Recently , i hope to isolate myself , no reason is there for peeps out there to ask.
But busy things/stuffs are going to fill in ? , if not its the best. =))
anyway , im in a conference. so i have to go before i bore them with silence.
Sexist still exist throughout the world. Women/girls are seen as lowly & inferior & .... then guys/men. These somehow build up/contributes to men's high ego. Which i know pollutes many minds and led to the thinking that women can never be set equal with men. But then theres another saying , where girls expect guys to do that , and guys expect girls to do this. { stereo typing } Because it was expected for a guy/girl. Example , it must be for the guy to woo a girl or the guy to propose. or Whatever. So this is super contradicting. *winks* =))
haha. Okay enough of all my nonsense. ~ lalas~ i have to go off seriously.
byebyes peoples!! =))))
P.S. im thinking of you day and night.
This year came with lotsa movies as a starting. Which i will have to find company_____
Michelle dear~ dont abandon MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~!!!


When whispers no longer survive;

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