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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
lovable kids , unpredictable times @ 6:16 AM

Hello people , im blogging from malaysia. [ and the connections here, hmm.. not bad. ]
kekes =)) i'm missing a lot of peeps now. Oh gosh!! =)) weixin and michelle and moussy!!! *etc*
haha. i shan't blog much about my chinese new year { lazy } =)) its been real fun , because of much traveling/chatting/etc =)) Not forgetting angbaos. =))

And my cousins are real cuties , you should ask those who have seen them , hahas. And im a kid lover , baby lover && mainly peeps 12years and below. =))
Knowing and mingling much and then . I got to know a guy , which i had much interest in ! ~
Dont ask who , because you guys wont even know/see him =))
Mama knows about it , but too bad she dont seem to approve of us. =((
its okay , i know we can prove our rights to ma ma. =)))
So shy now~ *-* anyway , went to the cybercafe with my cousin(s) & him ,which *we sucks* seriously. Haha.

Well then , i shall take my leave now. Tomorrow i willnbe back for more updates .. i suppose?
Toodles~* loves loves so much ; suie. =))

P.s : X i love you. you make me crazy. crazy over you , going ga ga goo goo. ~ =))


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