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Thursday, February 05, 2009
If it does not come naturally , you should work for it. @ 6:21 AM

Haha~ My muscles are aching like ________.
If this can burn calories off me , i want it to continue man~ [ i got the fat genes in me] Skinny people dont be jealous , it aint nothing good. *sobbs* ~
______ __. Loves. Okay , and i simply love the two peeps that are accompanying me currently. Oh gosh~ and im like not suppose to blog about it. =)))))))
` Next , Its irritating having to wait and re wait posting/results like so many times~ *-*
Oh gosh~ its taxing and killing my heart! Plus it has been a busy day through in and out , although i have been lazing around at home and doing pretty much nothing [ not going out too ].
:(( I want movie dates!!!! . i think im plumper each single day. :(( not a goody sign.
` Going on to birthdays. which is.. MOUSSY! on 8th of febuary. :))
Going to celebrate with her , and im sure she herself is going to love/cherish this year. :))
By the way , Valentines day is coming~ like -oh-so-soon-. I remember the times me and my partner in crime Ms Soh Weixin. Always give nice nice goodies to peeps on Febuary 14th.
Haha. No ones likes to be alone , whether you're a loner or what , no one likes to be not noticed at a point. :))
Weee~ im going to see a cuteeeee Baby on saturday!!! woopees!! and a lovely lady on that day tooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! im so happy , im so great!!! :))))
I have to shower now. im stinking the whole roomie. =))
Loves suie suie~;
iwant to have a job.
iwant to slim down.
Iwant to have a soul mate.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.