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Tuesday, February 03, 2009
SummerTime. =)) @ 11:48 PM

Im getting lazier again. Having a problem to start off my blog recently. =((
I feel so out of strength and energy. [ prolly i will be charged later ] =))
Been going out in the night. Because of ______ __ and yesterday was Huitings birthday =))
Yea! shes seventeen. So shes older. *Smiles sheepishly* :)

` Next been using My lappy like everyday. If my eyesight is not going worst , my lappys gonna burn down one day. *oh gosh... 5k~* .. *-* Hello people dont ask me out except for movie dates. Because i want to be left alone. :)) Although i need phone calls/messages/msns to accompany me. =))

`Im trying to love my current handphone as much as possible. Without endless memory space & music & themes ... ETC. kills.~ But i need to survive with it till next year so i can get a new phone for free or at a much much lower price baby! .
Or if whos damn bloody rich & dont mind spending , you could get me a new one :))
Ho Ho~ I've been think of a couple things you can get me for my birthday. [ i know its still longggggggggggggg~ ]

haha. heres the list:
> A whole bunch of bangles. Better get those special ones. :)) Miu miu leather bangles! kekes
> A white dress. [ oh and im not marrying you , relax ]
> Dresses. ;)) remember what you give shows your taste. :)) kidding.
>Nice shoes :)) For your information , shoes are not sandals / slippers :))
>Wedges . no strap behind. No peep toes kind.
>Bags! in critical needs. [ totes/sling kinds are acceptable. ] :)) how 'bout Fossils?
>Books. :))
>A couple of air-tickets.
> the list should go on. but im stuck. ;))

Haha. Im getting demanding. :))
anyway , i like songs from New kids from the block. ;))
May i say , summertime? its quite catchy. :))

Loves ~ suies!
Oh my goodness. I love MY JH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the danceinstructor look almost like him. he's killer smile and small eyes. :))
P.s Ima weird girl , loving guys with small eyes and wide thin smiles.. :))

If love could restart . It leaves you no regrets.
If love could restart then its worth nothing yet.
If i know theres someone playing with my love , theres one tight slap.
Whatever , because i know hes not there yet. :))


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.