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Sunday, February 01, 2009
Safe keeping @ 10:37 PM


Im thinking a lot recently.

Haha. I just finished a chinese novel. And really linked it through.

Maybe people do change at a certain point. And regardlessly , everyone does at a turning point. Like some Turned at ( 0 , 0 ) and some ( -3 , 5 ). where will we meet , where will we be , where will we end , and would we end up traveling as the same? What if we are having the same gradient only? Haha .

I learned that lifes cruel and lifes never really fair. Happy or sad , lifes always okay at the end. If you're suffering now, dont be afraid there will be someone there to pull you up. IF you're really happy and thinking a lot , dont worry everything is just fine because in the end , everything will be okay. From the time you're born to the end when you part the world , everything will be the same. You come with nothing and you leave with nothing. =))

Everyone hits a rough patch now and then & they get a lolli in their life in one or another point.. Regardless of what , every one has a story to tell , a part in life. If you think you have no use then ure wrong because everyone has at least a talent. Others might be more successful because they worked for it , some might be worse because they gave up , thats not something you should follow but a scene served as a warning or motivation for you. Do not gloat , do not pity , most importantly do not stay. Because for a person who does not move , does not change , he/she does not do. And thus does not achieve and do not succeed or get what they want. COmes to the worst you lose , you have losses and regrets. And then you want to turn back , and there will be many " ifs" and there will be many excuses and lies. And then you will hide. But do you want this life? this never ending kind of life? =))

For a path that can never be entirely black or Fully clear white . we're living in a greyed/gray zone. For a saint could sin. For a good-natured to steal. For a prisoner to turned over a new leaf. For a sinner to pray. To have a life renewed , for a life to revive. Live your life to the fullest , ask your self , the time ure spending now. Is there any use to it? do your heart beats for another or it is just beating for the sake for you to live it aimlessly?...
Never forget whats yesterday. DO what its right today. And take/expect tomorrow as a dream that never comes. Because what happens tomorrow no one knows. What if you died. will you leave with regrets? What if you lose your sight? Will you reject the outing that you just hanged up on?
What if you ended in a car crash , will you run for that marathon for another time? What ifs.. and what ifs.. This is regrets in another sense , two words used to replace presumptions.

I could/would have continue because all these are still running in my mind i presume. But i suppose you guys out there might be thinking suie has gone nuts. Gone case. =))
haha. If only answers & solutions come ask quick as the questions you have held up that fast.

* IF only * hmmpfs , another Word of impossible. And the word of i.m.possible.
The world is split into two , the thin margin of pessimistic and optimistic.
Everything has many sides , and each of us look at it with our own perspective & then to process , to think , to wonder, to develop our own set of questions , of Imagination of it....
haha.. okay okay im at it again. SORRY!. =))
im so tempted..
gotta go off in my own world before i start babbling again. =)) teeheehee.
kekes~ loves suie..

P.s: If really , " if only "s do happen , there will never be "if Only"s in peoples words. =))
Or is it not?? =))

Oh & im using simple english to say all these. IF you still dont understand i will bash you up. Or rather just bang the wall. =))


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.