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Wednesday, February 11, 2009
My rainbow was colourful until you came and painted it black and white @ 6:35 AM

This totally depicts how i felt. whether for love or you .
` Seriously . More and more things put me off in getting into a Boy&girl relationship.
Prolly i should go into total isolation. Like , a total no-nonsense girl. An unfriendly one. Might be hard for me infront of my close friends. [ maybe i dont even have more then two who really give a sh!t ] .
`Maybe one day i should not care how peeps feel. Maybe one day , i will let things be it. I wont be the one creating the atmosphere. The most sporty candidate. Or the naughtiest. OR... Whatever im now in peoples' eyes.
` I will admit i Uber sensitive with a very very low EQ. Whats the point of opening myself up so that others can stuck a few more blades in. Maybe im insane because of all the problems i have to hide. Or the things i have to consider/plan. Or the ________bi____ i may or may not carry.
`Soon all these will end up in my diary and not here. Maybe Im doing this right now for a Damned person to see. [ & if you think its for you , then it means you did something wrong to me and your guilty of it . Sucker ! ]
Oh gosh/dear~
my battery is running low.
and i still have a lot to say.
>went JOb hunting.
>went ______ __
> stories
>many sh!t followed.
i have to run.
Loves suie.
p.s blank~


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.