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Saturday, February 21, 2009
Boys lie while girls fantasize @ 8:06 AM

Hello people~
im freaking confused with Sehr Emotions.
[ like everytime ] Teehee~
My working days and hours increased like there's no limit. but anyway , would try to spare time to go out. i need to catch a breath now and then.

Just caught two shows.
`SlumDog millionare and He's just not that into you.
Both shows are very different and i would say worth a watch.
One in the theatres , while " he's just not that into you " is better for girls sleepover kind of show. :))))) weee~ i love sleepovers. seriously miss it & would love to have more of it~! though it can be tiring!!!!

Had a swim as pictures show. Which then i discovered i may be allergic to chlorine. -.-
My skin turns red and it itches like after the swim. LOL. Poor cassy have to like teach me how to swim properly without making her laugh. :) LOL. haha

okay. quick runs. and i have to go. My coussie is chasing me to SLEEP~ weeeeee~

LOve you guys and all. :)

loves suie. :))) fantasize

P.s: if love was made without you , then it was incomplete.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.