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Thursday, February 19, 2009
Escape @ 12:15 AM

LOL. Four fifteen. A time that i would normally be out , somewhere. :)
Anyway , days have been a RUSH for me. Here and there. Been getting not enough sleep. Sick/aching as usual. *-*
Been hooked up on Radar by britney & sarah's one last dance.
Training here and there kills. The fare is a killer. Very tempted to get concession. :) $$
&& i realised My days are actually Sehr boring if i gotta say them out. Shopping/randoms/working/dance.
Talking has actually become important because i couldnt find someone or something that i can tell to & go on for ages on stoopid stuffs. [ you must actually be interested ]
Found myself being sensitive to people around me recently. And very mindful about what i do unconsciously. [ retarded ] I think i seriously needed solace.
&& seriously have to stop depending on people.
alright i shall stop my nonsense.
Theres a saying when you missed a chance ,
theres never another same in the next corner ,
Whenever i see a guy pampering his gal ,
it reminds me of you & you & what you have done ,
I would reminisce about the days ,
i would be thinking about all the possibilities ,
i would be wondering about the endings ,
& dreaming about the scenarios we might have ,
But coming to the end
as the bell rang ,
I told myself that
it has all been set ,
no more of these and any of that ,
Its all memories & wishful thinkings i could ever had ,
A fantasy or fantasies ,
Its something that would never come true for me ,
i bite back my tears and walked alone,
I held back emotions and let everything go ,
If lifes a cycle ,
& the world was round ,
It means that my white-horsed prince will never come.
How depressing. Congrats to suie.
leaving ASAP.
Mucha mucha loves.
P.s: i wonder what would we be if you were someone else. I wonder what would we be if you'd change and i could confess. I seriously wonder what would we be if there a chance to elope.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.