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Saturday, February 14, 2009
The inmate in your heart @ 9:44 PM

Today is Fifteen of febuary , where Valentines' day just passed. :)
Oh well , guess its a simple cum normal day, because if you're good. Everyday is a Valentines day. :)

Laughs~* IM JUST CRAPPING. Days passed fast , and tiring. *-* sobbs~*.
Started working already like on friday~ :) Okay. Im working at phyto organics. Tiring/boring. But it has a great environment. I like to play with the soaps. laughs~*. :)

On valentines day. shopped around with mich before going to work.
Today . Went out with jacjac. Missed church. But i'd pray. Went walking non-stop from three to ten. Its burning sensation baby. And my knee-joints hurts like nothing. :)
Was surprise today wasnt quite bad. Took a couple of neoprints. in YEN! japan moo-ney~ haha Damn cute. :) :)

These two days make me broke. Spend like 'bout three hundred?? Oh dears~ i need to get my pay fast!!! ;( oh dear~!
And im like tempted still to get so many stuffs~ i hope money grows on trees or fall from the skies~ so that i can have money refills whenever i need it [ impossible ] . :))

Anyway , the pictures will explain like everything . [ hopefully , if not thats too bad ]
oh oh.... dont say im weird. i got myself white lipgloss and purple lipstick~ cool right? i thought of getting a white one next time. WHICH COSTED A BOMB.

So thats all baby~ look at the pictures if you want. :))

P.s: What to do when ure at a junction?


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