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Friday, March 27, 2009
Over - kill @ 9:33 AM

Oh.My.Goodness. :)

Im spending like crazy this days , i do hope money drop from somewhere or maybe some ' unknown ' god - father/mother/uncle/aunt will pop out and give me his/her endless fortune to spend or something . :) Today was pretty much normal , except for the extreme wastage of time on my snacking. Goodness , just finished a tub of ice - cream . *-* LOL. Talk about losing weight ~ -.- !!

Accompanied Muffy to see skin doctor ~ Was Costly but if its worth it , why not ? :) Cheer up muffy ~ :)) . Afterwards was xueling 's birthday celebration. Well , not much actually. Skipped the shopping and movie , just had a dinner and photo - taking session with her. Okay , it sounded so dead but i love her ya ~ :) :) went to Flea-tique with mich . Three words. Hot - cute - dark. Bought two journal from there. Saw Polaroids. Damn antique cool kind. :)) But its freaking expensive baby ! :(( Im low on the Moo-ney!!!! Suie Needs a lot of GREENS ! :) After the purchase was a trip back home. Randoms with michelle. Was totally fantasizing in the end. Imagine working at louis vuitton ? or or Chanel ?! :) oh goodness ~ *faints~* Anyone have any idea about how you can get a place in there ? :)))) if you're kind enough ! WEEEEEEEE! :))

Talking about all this , Been missing ___-___ classes like two weeks. I think im almost Bad at it already. Gotta buck up before i lose it all. :) :) HAHA. Which reminds me , Having sleepovers with weixin is a whole new thing every time. We do different things and i love her loads. chatting could be fun , because she ask things that you will have to think deeply and answer. :) if you get what i mean . :))))) LOL. :)))

Oh well , before i drag this post any further im going to end it with a photo which is one of the many many many pictures i take with muffy! :)) Its one of the favourite , so expect a heavy picture loaded post tomorrow? or the next time i blog. [ provided im not lazy that is . ] :) and and going to change my blog skin soon [ provided that im not lazy yet again ] :)

HAHA. Oh well , for more pictures refer to facebook. :) and i have gotta go :)

P.s : Think twice on everything. :)


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