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Saturday, March 07, 2009
pick your choice , make a step , pay for the consequences @ 5:06 AM

Woo hoo~ HAHA. Im super bored. Tired Und bored. :) but im kinda happy as a pea :)
okay , thats super no linkie :)
Michelle's and Kishen's birthday is around the corner. :) have you got their cards and pressie prepared????? :)
haha. Im just being random. Caught Danceworks 09 Today. It was Great. Theres two groups which i think was super CUTE. I mean watching lil' boys doing stuffs that my typical male friends could not do. :) :) [ yes its you ] :)
What was really impressing was that they did krumping ( girls ).. ANd it was superb :)
Love it. Say it was kinda expected to see Andreas [ typo? ] there. His dance [ group ] was terrific! Comments : his hairstyle suited the whole dance baby. If only i could dance like him! -.-
Another two groups that caught my eye was a girls group and one with lotsa beads? [ sorry i din really take note of the name ] . *laughs~*
Props are one thing , songs another. There were sishas? and theme song from the movie ' slumdog millionaire ' , winner yea? LOL.
And i thought , their re-mixes are nice , clubs should totally use them! :) haha. randoms again. :)
Train-ed home early. Mum's order. ate dinner and use the net. I recalled and found out that i forgot to mail out my form E , as well as re-taking my passport photo :) . I pawns~ :)
Next : this Post should be filled with pictures baby! But chansuie is super duper lazy! haha. too bad. pictures will be up like.. prolly after michelles birthday~ we shall see..
anyway , this a super duper boring post. Dont really read it.
:):) but anyway , you did it. Lalas~ :)
signing off. Adios? :) loves suie :)
P.s: If one day i have to tell you. Remember that my heart is already in pieces as i do so.

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