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Saturday, March 14, 2009
Girlicious @ 10:23 AM

Okay! Chan suie has been a pig lately. :)
A bit about michelle's birthday. :)
Was suppose to embark on a meaningful trip but end up the four girls succumbed to shopping. Round about , chilled & chatted. Our last stop was Blu Jaz Cafe. :)
Kamal and Matthias joined for the dinner. [ thanked them for the help ] :)
Dinner was fun/nice :) love it. Was surprising that i din feel warm though i was like wearing a super thick top. :))
Lotsa pictures , upload 'bout half. :)) I LOVE MICHELLE :)
The trip back home was then super hilarious . :) contents shall be a secret . :) *smirks*

Next , about today. Went for band practice with Cassandra. *-* dropped by at eastpoint to get a couple stuffs for our juniors. :) Was very happy that band standard improved. :) Though i would love to hear how they play / perform when at outdoors / halls. :))

Afterwards headed to the library got a couple of books with Hamtaro. :)) And i believe shes at Hong Kong now ~ :) WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE~ oh well. Then it was work again~ Was tending the shop alone til' michelle and weixin was super kind to come and accompany me after their trip down the IT fair ~ [ congrats michelle in making it ]. Ate at my shop , chatted , tending the counter. lalas~ love them!!! :))
Went home With weixin. :) Was rushing through my online application then. :) was a bit confused but managed. :) Going to apply for the EP. :) [ not eastpoint ] :))

Going to church , get my pay and work tomorrow. :( gosh. Suie needs a breather :))
Suie needs moo-ney more. Im going to like buy loads of things from my shop! :))

Blahs~ suie is being randoms again :))

Alrighty i shall end my postie!! :) i love ______ :)

Loves suie :..:
P.s : Loneliness comes from within. I want to be different. So id be distant from others .


When whispers no longer survive;

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