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Sunday, April 05, 2009
chameleon @ 8:40 AM

Hello , now for wordy part of the post. :) Suie has been enjoying / having a hectic schedule. :))

Lets rewind :)
er - hems!
On friday , Was a pinic trip down sentosa. Not exactly an activity packed day. But it was fun afterall. :) First was a pinic done by ME AND MOUSSY ! A long wait [ while taking pictures ] Before we met up together , [arran . ivan tan . siewmin . cassandra & me ] and headed to Sentosa. :) Was pretty upset that my culinary skills kinda sucked now . HAHA. Gotta buck up. :) To be jack of all trades and master of all too ~ :)

Then more pictures filled which you have to keep scrolling 'cause blogger is being screwed recently. [ or its just my lappy ] :( oh well , NEXT.

Had carl's Junior for dinner. Which is super filling and was a long random chat with them while we MRT-Shopping / dinner / slacked.

Sat ; was actually the boring one. The interesting part was actually bumping to michelle by coincident. haha. :) Was delighted. :) Should go out more often :)) *hint hint* :)
Shopping / dinner / slacked : all at Far East :) Didnt buy anything in the end. But its good. [ saves moo-ney ! ] :)) so suie is very happy.

SUNDAY ! which is today. :)))
Went swimming with carmen. Chatted with her , and came to think / realise / felt that she wasnt that bad. :) :) Afterwards was Work. :)))) Very happy. And the promotion went better !!! and lasted for another eh... 15 days ? :)))) LOL. :)) happy happy! can buy more. Though its not really a need. * hello people! come down to city hall basement and buy stuffs from me * :)))) :))))

Oh well , Today sales was actually bad ~ Didnt expected that but i hope it would improve. :)))

Okay , i think im boring people !!! oh gosh. :)))
I gotta go before my XXX kill me! adios people ! :)

liebe SUIE~ :))
P.s :Theres ups and downs in everyones life. Is the way of how we take it , our perspective that makes the different ending we have. :))


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