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Saturday, April 11, 2009
twirl me around im sucha fool @ 7:19 AM

My current top choice breakfast is ..... SCONES WITH BUTTERY OUTER AND A CUPPA COFFEE !!!! :)
Today was totally awesome. :) kind of. :)
Did something wrong yesterday, woke up at six in the morning today. :0
Was almost late for work , but thanks to mama i got there in time. :)
Sales improved greatly. Happy happy!
[ my maid is asking me to shower ] -.-
Oh well , Mich / Kamal accompanied me For dinner. 'Cause XXX could not make it. :(
Oh well , afterwards split up and went to flea market [ p.s the stairs was a killer ]. *supports Weixins* ahh haha. But went to check out a couple stuffs too. Was hot in there. Prolly because of my scarf ??? Goshs~ and pretty much packed. It was better i think 'cause we went during seven? LOL. Damn late . :)
Got myself my fifth jacket / hoodie. Gahhs. For fiffteen bucks. I think.. its okay. :) But i haven got my pay yet. So a days allowance. PROOF ! :)))
Roars ~ my Birthday is COMING PEOPLE! :) tee hee hee~
HAha i 've gotta go. Some of the Louis vuittons' product caught my eye. GLARE people. :)


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