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Thursday, May 14, 2009
people of worlds apart @ 6:50 PM

" when smiles has hidden meanings "

To start off , i realise now that most of us are in different schools / classes. When we catch up it 'd be , hey! hows school ? / Hows lessons / Hows your new friends/clique ? . ETC.

*think about it* :)

Anyway , happy belated birthday to Andre Teo.

Yesterday was delightful , with the accompany of Matt and Andres' friends we had dinner with him at some steamboat restaurant located at novena ? *-* [ oh my. I love Matthias. ] :)

Note: Aside that i was cranky and super tired yesterday.

Several stoopid things that happen :

- i woke up at seven today
- i forgot michelle wasnt going to school with me today
- i took the cab to school today
- FSP lecturer was actually the meanest lecturer yet i only discover that today.
- i super ate a lot despite i wanted to lose weight today. -.-
- It rained when we are going to the gym today.

If TODAY wasnt bad enough , it was super random and weird.

Plus i discovered two things :
Firstly , my classmates were actually much more smarter then i thought they were.
Secondly , library at NgeeAnn is best place to do your work. :)

Im really missing the days during secondary times. Like , in a blink of an eye , here we are at different places and trying hard to fit in and get use to each and our individual poly / junior college life (s). *-* Guess the fun times are kinda over.

Alright enough of my random-ness. i've got errands to fun too. Good luck people, and all the fun. :)

love loads suie.

P.S : Speech dont change. Human minds and body language does.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.