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Sunday, May 10, 2009
Slavery of your own commitments and actions @ 9:00 PM

Heard before pro- anorexic groups ?
LOL. :) [ im given like only a few minutes to fill in , im still in school ] :)
recent * clips.
Screw Ups :
- I have been slogging my guts out for many reasons.
- School has been an asshole
- Assignments have been merciless.
- Im cashless.
- I need serious shopping with a limit- less cash card.
- F____y is in the position of a rollar - coaster ride.
- My heart literally did a flip on the _________.
- Im not losing much weight than i expected. :(
- im having trouble doing /dealing /buying /getting Birthday stuffs. :(
- My throat is getting worst and im not doing anything to help.

Miracles :
- My sales increased.
- im able to go home late.
- Shop is having an incredible discount yo.
- i think i got into ________
- Im relieved after the confession. :)
- I think Lifes quite okay.
- everyone actually remember the steps for the GIG.

*Blanked eyes* : 13th may. Its like two days away ?! ?! ?! And i din even realise. -.-

Went out for both Saturday / Sunday , one for work and one for shopping.
:) Didnt really get everything i wanted , but i had my yogurt! im super happy! its enough to have a cuppa yogurt a week. And im / will be as happy as a pea.
[ somehow rhymes dont ask me why ] :)

Took pretty much pictures , like the one above. Im EXCITED for the upcoming photography trip. { okay i have to admit , not exactly. } Which reminds me that one of my battery is being an asshole. I charged like a billion times and its still not working. :(
*reminds* : which means moo-ney , cause i have to get a new one. *gahhs*

- I have this sudden urge to join band , the reason? i'm not sure myself. -.-
- I hope my pay comes today.
- I feel like screaming at the top of my lungs now
- I want my Shi Lin chicken.
- I hope audition goes well. * prays for no blank outs*
- I brought a new lil' wallet that apparently fits .
- i want to eat at ' out of the pan ' but i cant afford yo . :(
- TRA LA LA. Im still alive.

" People breathe when they alive and stops at the end of their time. "
Its kind of retarded , but when you read it seem like a quote from somewhere. :)

Alright people , i know you miss me , but i have to go before my mates kill me.
Adios. :)))
Liebe suie. ;)))


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.