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Tuesday, May 05, 2009
the process of growing up @ 6:15 PM

Super super. Frustrated.
Im feeling like a first day freshie who just got punched-in-the-face - stuck - my - head -the-toilet-bowl-pull-out - and -banged -my - head-on-a-cement - wall. Pretty much Screwed up ain't it ?

Lessons have been speeding through and assignments have been piling up. And the deadline was same for all. *double BOOs*

CATS lessons have been interesting , suppose its the peeps there that made it happen. I like my group members. I have the sporty people , smartypants and the perfectionist. :) Jolly well let them tie the loose ends. :))

Been not Catching up with my sleep. Got cooped up with a thousand things. And everything is definitely not going my way. :( I need a support ? but usually i end up coping with it myself. Tend to be dependent / independent at times. How contradicting. *-*

My accounts lecturer is here.
Scooting off ~

Quote :The best thing in life might just bypass you in a second. By then no matter how much you grasp upon it , its still ... GONE.

P.s: Ignorance might be the best thing afterall.

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