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Tuesday, April 21, 2009
The initials L.O.V.E. @ 8:10 AM

TA TAS! Some updates :
Collected my prestige card , student card & ez - link card. :)
[though the picture seriously sucked badly. ] And the same picture was used in class. -.-
Damn sad. :( Oh well , that aside , school was pretty much.. boring ? it was like More on the info - technology side. Computers. Gosh ! What if i become a geek. *-* But thats actually cool ya ? then i'd dress indie indie. :)))) LOL. I think i ' m contradicting myself. :)))
And im quite happy. i dont need a truck - load. :)))
NEXT ; signed up for five co-curriculum activities on the CCA fiesta. And registered Aerobics for sports and wellness module. [ a bit dumb i know ] :)))
oh gosh , but i do hope i can get a gold for CCA. Might be taking another sport. :))) i NEED SUN !
[ My lil' sister keep asking me to join volley - ball ] :)) LOL. Considering. :))
I need to plan my things. I need to make time for shopping and movies. :) suie is bored with her current fixed schedule. :(
Something about today :
Ate dinner with andre . His treat for being late. :p
Missed dance. :(
Promised to work for two mondays every month. :)
Made a point to find a way to lighten the weight of my bag ! :))
Thats so super boring , oh and moi sister wants to say something through my blog. Her voice is damn sexy , My voice damn squeaky , and she says im Fat and round. Thats super meanie. :)))
Okay man , of i continue further i may be killed by three person. :)
and i think i must tweak my blog man. :)
Quote by Anne : " im not qualified to ask anything from him Because i had taken the most important thing away . -ME. "


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