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Sunday, April 12, 2009
i love/miss/forgive/am jealous / will forgive YOU @ 8:50 AM

A lil ' update for my blog ! So XXX Can know what im up to . :)
For those out there who didnt realise or didnt Know. I chop off my long hair . [which some say it looked like extensions -.- ] . Its short . Together with my long fringde , they died on the same day. The hair - cut package [ which includes wash , blow - dry , condition and styling ] cost me TEN bucks only . :))) Was totally feeling guilty that he charge me at ten only. :( But well , a nice deal && a nice guy. :)

NEXT : Was suppose to go for a gym-ing session with carmen. But it was cancelled , so was our lunch date with michelle. [ erhems. ] So head on to church . my lil 'sister was on stage so i was pretty much alone. Though some XXX pretty soul came along and ask me to sit beside her. ;)

Went working again. Was like early ! Oh dear. I think im super blur , especially without XXX helping me to keep check . LOL. but XXX is as muddle - head too. :)))) :)))
Boss was super kind / encouraging today. And anyone want freebies ? i can give ya. :)))

I received something sweet from XXX. Dont make me cry when you leave !!! DUDE. Making me miss ya ! :(((((

Okay. Thats end of the episode for today. ADIOS !


Quote : prefect boyfriends aren't made in factories. They are hand-made . :)))

P.s : i Love the angelic angel necklace. :)))

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