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Saturday, April 18, 2009
I wanna go somewhere that people dont understand @ 9:39 AM

A few days and im back. :) Just visited XXX's Blog. :)))
So i shall apologise that i haven been taking out time for friends. :(
Exercise Has also been at the back of my head. Like Oh .My . Goodness. i seriously need to buck up .

Working as usual. Some lil' surprises from XXX & YYY. Like drinks and snacks to boost me up. :) haha. You two rocks. :))))
And i realise being alone in a bad situation kinda sucked. Especially where no one understands.
Been distant ? Well , prolly its my own doing ? Beats me ya. :)))

Oh well , school's starting soon . And i haven been getting use to the peeps and environment there. -.- Goodness. And theres like a pile load of things for me to get it done / buy. :)) But suie's cash - low. :) Gahhs , XXX says money drops from the sky. :))) Maybe ? :)))

Gahhs. Actually theres nothing really going on up in my life. Mostly being cooped up in my own world with XXX & YYY. But i am actually quite contented about it. :)))
Though its appreciated if someone can take away all my worries / troubles and bring for a holiday. :((

okay suie's gotta end this sucky / random post. 'cause her friends are at home . :)))

Quote: In the mist of the crowds i found you. But are you really the one that will walk with me back to the quiet place ?

P.S : I love the lily. I love the moment . I want your presence. I just Dont Know how to express it.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.