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Friday, May 01, 2009
Dream Dreams So unreal @ 6:24 AM

Hey YO!!! Blogging has been like ancient for a century more.
Gosh! I know my blog has rotted. :(
Oh well , so lets have some fun YO!. :)) Actually i have forgotten most of my days , because i have been like busy ? having a hectic schedule and such. ;(

Okay okay , That aside . Something about my schooling days. :)
Have been sleeping through like a quarter of the class. [ not on purpose. ]
Most of the lessons have been to the extreme informatics. I was actually expecting more of the maths. [ business that is ]
Explored half of the campus and so . Realised campus wasn't that confusing and tiring to walk about , its all about getting use i guess ? :) The peeps has been extremely *** . GOSH. But suie has a big heart , [ actually because everything was vented on XXX ] , omg , huge thanks. :) Been missing quite lotsa dance practice too . [ not practicing at home either. just in the mind ] ;) But i gotta buck up , audition just round the corner. :) [ Wish me luck ] :))

Next! Something about today . Went out with mich / matt /andre. Caught " X-Men , Wolverine " . Pretty okay. :) Body showing - less than what i expected . *-* Gosh , im like a psycho. -.- HAHA. spot my taylor and Jackson. :) freaking hot. :)
Afterwards was Lunch at PON TIAN. :) YUMS! :) Went random shopping afterwards. Pretty much got what i wanted , took a whole lot of time. * sorry guys*. Missed dinner with michelle! Sad :((((((((((((
Oh well, shall date her again. :) :)
Pretty much fated with peeps today , especially eastviewians. Bumped into a couple of them a few times. Talk about coincidences. :) asked about band while matt chatted with some of his Basket ball mates or something ? :))
Took the bus home , thanked matt for sending me and accompanied me to get my dinner. :) Didnt manage to settle my fine though , the library was closed and both of us didnt realise it. [ Today's labour day ] Gosh ! :)

Okay , some random pictures below. :) Im super full now! Gosh! HAHA. :))) okay , enjoy yo!. :) loes suie.

P.S ; Some things are not meant to be given up , and some people are meant to be kept in heart.

For XXX : In the awkward silence your smile is all i need . On the path we walked your hand is all i need. In the darkness your presence was the only thing i need. But in my heart , everything of you is all i need from you. I feel sad because i cant see , cant tell , cant fulfill and understand everything.. It came to a silent ,a stop and awkwardness in the end.And when i look at you my mind goes blank , i wonder what was the common thing we claim on that day. I brood , ponder and wonder about it every day. It told me that i shouldn't let it be , but when i ask myself what should i do , it end with your name and nothing else more.

When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.