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Sunday, May 31, 2009
Scented dreams @ 9:48 AM

Hey HO~
Like i say , trying my best to continue my regular postings.
Working as usual. Was put with Carmen & Mich today.
Was suppose to head to the gym but end up didnt manage to. Lazy perhaps.
Afterwards headed to Flea-tique , it was at 8Q. Awesome + freaking Scorching hot. The burning sensation , desperate need of ice cool water on your skin and down your throat kinda feel. Like Oh.My.Goodness. Imagine if it was as crowed as that time i'd just give up the thought of going in. -.-

Didnt manage to find the shop me and Mich was looking for , but got a couple of stuffs still. :) and in total i got a really cute notebook and a spec for eighteen bucks. Reasonable i guess ? :))) wanted to get the black one , but thought it wasnt as nice as the white one . * im regretting now * i 'd rather just get both since they add up to be lower than of the original price. -.- Saw loads of aviators going at the price of two bucks. good condition. Saw ray bans going at that price too. Like what the ____ ?!~ Carmen was the happiest shopper . :) Before that lunch-ed with them at shokudo. Seriously hated the wait always , but its always a good time to take pictures then. wondering if they did it on purpose ?! :))))

Anyway , was pretty bad that i had to leave for work . Pretty pissed off by some of the customers , [ in particular ] But well , something really sweet happened and made my day. OH MY GOSH . :))) I shan't say yo. Im seriously selfish! :)))

And its time for me to bid goodnight! :)) i'd be slaughtered if i dont sleep now. :)
loves loads ;
Suie .

P.s : love is at where the heart is.


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