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Thursday, May 28, 2009
Swirls of candy , mist of dreams @ 6:41 PM

- Finally , an update for my blog ?
Xueling was complaining [ with me ] that my blog is rotting away without recognition.

- Sadly this post is going to start or end sadly / monotone.

- Right , talking about what happen recently , i have been very active . Going for camps , co-curriculum activities , running errands and such .etc . And im guilty as charged of delaying the pictures that were suppose to appear like ten thousand before-christ ago. *-* [ half of it is at the third post after this post ] .:)

- Camp details i shall leave it aside , mainly of knowing my astronomy club peeps and bonding through usual camp activities . Believe me , i was naughty during the camp. *giggles~* :))

- Everything adds up to a bad sore throat which i had to survive school and presentation of , now even using my alter throat voice doesnt help. Im like through the period of " voice - break " . Seriously.

- Next , been up to some ' bonding ' ideas which im glad , its have been accepted by most , and i hope that it would be my old mates next , since my birthday is coming. [ If most of you realised this year , im boasting / advertising that my birthday is coming. ] i want to make it a joyous occasion where people come together and meet up . RE-CONNECT yo! :))))))
* im super excited * : Dont have to come with gifts { though i wouldnt mind } , just come with the heart to celebrate and bond. :))) i will be glad to provide and plan for the rest. { though i super like surprises } .

- " Oh well , the up-coming june sets me thinking. The weirdness , the random talking , the extrovert in me stepping out.etc. I finally know why. Because i've lost you. You who has been there for me , who cried with me , everything that is so similar to me , the endless random topics we have which is super entertaining , the secrets we share and not spill , and the wondrous thing is , we dont even have to know the other side of friends we each have but we can share whatever its in / about. We would remember everything , even we have bad memory , we would laugh at the smallest thing and continue for hours. We would come to an agreement in end , regardless of how different our views are [ seldom different ] . Too much to describe , too much to say , a friendship , or more than a friendship, its a special relationship that we share , a pair of Gemini-st we once pledge , i sorta regret we had to end. "

SUPER RANDOM - NESS : hello, huiyuan here.. the girl who sit beside her in CLASS!!! booHOO...blah!

- 2nd post :
Dance yesterday night was a killer for my back , the limit yo . Im already using the minimum of my strength , even the teacher say i can't be so gentle. -.-
And i realise being a guy like ____ could actually attract both guys and girls. *Shocks~* If i were his girlfriend , i think i would be jealous like OMG for the rest of the period with him. -.-

- Afterwards , had a long sought / missed chat with miss SOH. :) we took an hour or more. Impressive ? :))) i believe we could have continued if it wasnt late at night. :)) * i still prefer to call you your chinese name * :))))

- NEXT ! Woke up late today , like seven twenty or so ? The best thing was after i text-ed dwayne i went back to lala land. I must be dreaming. -.- FSP is one very very irritating subject. Seriously. Im actually quite [ extremely in fact ] happy that i dont have to take programming in the second semester. :) waiting for it.

- Common test are up and coming too , everyone has it at different weeks and timing , but still , all the best yo! :))) score high GPA!!! :) *Delights*

Oh well , i have to end my post here. I promise , or rather i hope , i can blog / update frequently. Soooooooooooo You guys can know what im up to yo! :)))
Misses everyone like crazy! :))
loves load suie! :))

P.S : im like sehr tired , hungry , sleepy and BORED. I think im putting on weight now and then , plus my aches arent getting better,What should i do ? hmm...


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