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Wednesday, June 10, 2009
small heart big matters @ 12:12 AM

Pra-lalas~ * :)
Finally , three papers down and one to go. Im suppose to revise for tomorrows programming paper.But im happy and i want to let my boyfriend know! :))))
Alrights , wasn't feeling all so good yesterday 'cause i totally screwed my accounts paper. Gahhs i wonder how the peeps survive in accounting course. -.- [ the smarty-pants ]
My dearest surprised me with CareBear and the flower. oh.my. ultra - sweetness. It may seem like small and such from what i typed here. But what he had done and sacrificed was more than ever. :) :)
Afterwards shopped around bugis yesterday and bought a couple stuffs. [ was suppose to go orchard... ]
Can't seem to find catalogue , oh dear. :(
Worst , my J.cool was sold-out ?! freaking disappointed.
Still , cabbed home and totally enjoyed with dearest. :)) tsktsk. :))
Must be dreaming a lot and woke up late. Cabbed down to school. Finished my paper and checking on the spot. Totally satisfied with all the answers. [ haven got this feeling since primary three ] :)) Still feeling dreamy , went to get lunch and home straight :))
Better appreciate the rest time i have before getting all busy again. :))
Alrights , ending here . need to revise and prepare for dance practice. :))
Toodles~ :))
Quote from a friend : 8800 people down with h1n1 everyone wears a mask , 8.8million people contracted aids yet no one bothers to wear a condom . :)
P.s : We went down , hot and cold. :))


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