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Monday, June 01, 2009
passion for dance @ 9:54 AM

Its a friggin' long day today.

Up at seven today. Was late meeting Michelle , [ sorry ! ].

Was glad that we still made it fifteen minutes earlier to school. :)) happy!

Did my project - skit today , i realise i have the bad girl attitude A.K.A " ah lians " Oh.My.

Afterwards headed to work with michelle and kishen. He got his hair-cut. Impressive. i like it. smart sweet. Totally like a Caucasian cut. Told him and i felt super mean about it. :)

Okay , i shall leave the boring part aside. The present list most wanted to see :

* note : this list is not applicable to some :

1) Speakers for ipod *

2)Ear-phones for ipod *

3) buy my an ipod *

4) large fossil bag *

5) Sports bag

6) a bag *

7) lanyard *

8) soft toys *

9) shoe bag *

10 ) NUM laptop bag. brown and white. *

For all the asterisks. : 1* two kinds. One it the portable kind which has a cover for it. and the other one is the larger one you can get from ikea. White one and squarish speakers.
2* two kinds. ask me about it. :)
3* I want the large/bulky one. i find it so cool. :)
4* Tote. large enough for me to dump rubbish in :)
6* Sling / clutches. . etc
7* No cartoons yo. :) just colours.
8* if you really have no choice but to get this.
9*er.. preferably nike
10* just so you know , my lappy is 14.2 inches. :) fujitsu. :)

Next , dresses / bangles and such are for closer guys that think that they know what i would like.
so get me if you want. :))) you can refer to my older post. i have a list there.
: you can refer here!febuary post

> A whole bunch of bangles. Better get those special ones. :)) Miu miu leather bangles! kekes
> A white dress. [ oh and im not marrying you , relax ]
> Dresses. ;)) remember what you give shows your taste. :)) kidding.
>Nice shoes :)) For your information , shoes are not sandals / slippers :))
>Wedges . no strap behind. No peep toes kind.
>Bags! in critical needs. [ totes/sling kinds are acceptable. ] :)) how 'bout Fossils?
>Books. :))
>A couple of air-tickets.
> the list should go on. but im stuck. ;))

If none is to your taste , then get me common stuffs or which ever you like , maybe a treat or something . :)
Im not insane to put the list up , its because peeps just keep asking me what to get for me and they dont have an idea of what to get. i believe the list cant be filled since i dont have much friends that bother to get me a birthday gift. :)
Though a card will be greatly appreciated . :)

This post is due. :)

okay i have to run. ~ might be second-posting. :)
love loads. SUIE.

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