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Tuesday, June 16, 2009
Analyze @ 10:03 AM

Sometimes life just goes another way that you thought it should be.
Things are often as unpredictable just as what you would do when you dont know what to do in a scenario or situation.

Today was pretty awesome , just that i was pretty low [ im sickk dude ] . Having medication seems to make it worse , like weaker ? i dont even have the kick to walk from dhoby to bugis. like O.M.G. I was totally in the lethargic mode. [ Quipped by jacjac ]. Was out with her / xin / WIFE . Did random shopping and ate like sehr loads, dinner was at Aston & dessert(s) was at secret recipe. Going to be like a pig after my birthday. -.-

Took loads of pictures today , though we missed taking Neo-Prints. Yupp , the practice didnt died out among us. :))) Its fun taking neo(s) with your darlings okay ! :) ~ *
Afterwards Train-ed home with random chatters and laughters. It was enjoyable being with them :) :) and got to catch quite a lot too. :))

Its going to be a hectic life down the road. Body is totally giving me the signal that its time for me to rest. Maybe its time for some " me " day. :) :) But well , i shall give it a skip. :)) Youth / time is not enough for like sixty years plus of your life dudes ! :)

Alrights , its like one in the morning ? have to catch some ZZs' before i doze off in dance class. :)
adios people! :))

Love loads ;

P.s: If i could i would want to exchange souls with you for a day. :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.