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Saturday, June 20, 2009
When everyday makes you go jello @ 10:06 AM

YUPP. Some updates for now. Its like super later already so i decided to leave 20th pictures for tomorrow [ which is like later at night again. ] :))))
My birthday celebrations this year , along with things i have receive for now was sweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeet!!! LIKe SUPER. I feel so happy. I think im so easily contented . [ or maybe not ] :)

Pictures are as below and i will comment. read on. :))

Michelle's ring. She insisted not telling me where she got it from. Revenging because of the daisy!!! SOBBBB :( But anyways , her rings are awesome as always. :)

Two super cute guys , arran & kamal. Thanks loads for coming down!!! :)

Random-ness in the train while having a blast talking about "sex-places" with michelle.

Fun shots of me and michelle. 'cause we are so not satisfied not taking enough pictures for the day , more pictures will be uploaded at her site. :)

Watch the bag. I loan it from my mum. Burberry blue label(s) :)) Quipped by kamal that i look like some mature lady that day from the way i dressed along with that bag. :)

my three dearest that came to celebrate my birthday despite of their hectic schedule. :)

MY lover girl :)

Slacked awhile outside serenity. For dont know what reasons. :)))


Me and arran. He claims that me having a boyfriend , he should stay a distance from me in pictures. Which i totally dont agree. :) My boyfriend totally knows i love him :)
The place where we ate. This place seriously has the nicest ambiance.:) Im all hands up for that place. :) Im a regular. :)

Chilled at serenity , with drinks. :)
MICH xRated :X

The food : michelle had spaghetti while i had a soup and salmon :)

Kamal's dish was Chicken and arran had seafood based/broth spaghetti. Totall awesome. :)
Arran. I like his hair now , since the shaved part was hidden? :)

Cool-ness :)

Me and baby , was at jacjac 's place for a stayover on the 18th :)

SEEEEE . Babies are adorable :)

Awws ~*

HAHA. The baby prefer me then jacjac. :)


jacjac ignored me and went taking pictures of herself.
Her loves :)

She was sad i took her sims 3
LIKE addiction

Yupp , i took her place as mine. :) it was awesome at her place. Almost felt like i have been leaving there with her for like ages / a decade / a century / forever :)))

MOI! Took this while i was waiting for the girls [ fangyi / jacjac /weixin ] :)
Went out with them on the 16th. Which we did random shopping. We was eating the whole day too . More pictures will be posted below. :)

Me and my favourite girl :)

Cute ? Was entertaining myself on the way to clementi. :)

Carmen was so kind to entertain me too.

See , how pretty she is. :)

*-* I went sleeve-less that day. super weird. ;) But no choice , it was like freaking warm that day. Which i had no idea why ?!

Ngeeann's bustop. Pretty carmen was kind enough to accompany me to school just to return my disc(s) :))) super sweet. :)

Love this picture , totally make my arms look small. :)

Pretty :)

Cute-ness. LOve her ring too. * DIAMONDS*
Was at the taxi on our way to ngee ann. It was freaking hot and we were sorta rushing for time. LIke what carmen said. Taxi(s) / cabbys are real life-savers. :))

Busy entertaining herself. :)

In that same morning , went for a morning swim / catch up with her. :) totally grateful that she took time out for me and woke up damn early for me :) the reason i love her so much . :)

She was really cute trying to cook lunch for me , but sadly [ or luckily ] her mum cooked for us. :)

Totally love her room . Her furnitures are placed in such a way the room looks spacious enough. If i could i would want to re-decorate my roomie too! :)
Dance at school. Went on wednesday where i was damn damn early. Caught some moves from my seniors. :))) awesome-ness.

XIN. on the 16th. We chilled at gloria jeans. :)
There's jacjac. :) suppose to have fang yi , but her shot wasnt that nicee. so shall skipped it :) they make me wait like ... LONG. :) but its cool.
SO was michelle and moi! :)

Meeeeeeeee , Helped weixin with her blogshop , was the photographer that day. :)

Totally love the pictures that came out in our cameras. I decided to use 3m for most of my shoots using my camera. the effect is sooooo much better. :)

MY nails totally rocked i know. :) im looking for lime green and crimson yellow next.. If spotted do let me know kay ? :)
Alrighto , i have a lot of gratitude and heartfelt words to say to loads of peeps that celebrated and/or gave me something for / my birthday. IT shall be noted in the upcoming post. So keep a watch out.;)
Love the marvellous friends i have.
Its already three am in the morning. My mum is screaming at me. i gotta run. :)
Bye people. :))
P.S : The best gift god gave as companions are friends that stayed by your side thru' every ups and downs in your life & left the most imprints on it.


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.