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Wednesday, July 01, 2009
Delirious @ 9:17 AM

Because i am high on drugs ? or because you submerge yourself in the river of love.
well, i dont look like i pop pills do i ? :))) haha. :))

This was suppose to be another exciting post but Today has been a very very unlucky day , thank God for blessing me , or it would be worst. :)
Plus having friends like plastiqs and my super boyfriend. everythings cool :)
SO i shall put the sad stories aside and take it to stride. :)

Having another long chat with weixin now, Though its like super late already. Plus i just had a snack-attack. Omg. When i just freaking .... *censored*
Recently have been getting gastric attacks , though i have been eating alot & snacking a lot.
KCSI must exercise , determine to do sports and learn basket-ball from boyfriend. some how or rather i believe life will get better somehow. :)))

I have to lose weight man , determined. :)) though sometimes its good to slack down a bit. :)) TEE HEE.

On the side note : I realise dance is really important to me.
love suie ;
p.s : im missing you a lot //


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.