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Tuesday, June 23, 2009
Birthday @ 6:52 AM

*shouts*. Im like having a very bad sorethroat.
Alrights. post below. scroll for words and pictures.

The first dress darling got me , and it was a surprise at night. he's awesome plus super cute nar.
Standing outside to get my attention ? how cute ?

His plan ? HAHA. We started out at my house and then a movie at yishun :) it was great and such.

next was khatib , where i was like super blur and warm. He led me bottle tree park , which in the end we didnt see the " bottle trees " LOL. :)

This picture was unedited. :))) it was niceeeeeeeee :)) The scenery there was gorgeous. SO was my lover boy. :)

The second gift from BOYFRIEND! :) How sweet was he to customize a pair of heels ! Awwss ~ oh and thanks zhiwei too , for helping him and making it possible. :) so dont be mad at him anymore! and and , i have to thank zhi wei for his oreo cheesecake. it was lovely ! :)

Yepp. Bottle tree park. Freaking warm there. But with darling. Its okay.

Was suppose to go prawning , which is eating it for our dinner, we went to one of the bistro / restaurant there? :)))) the food there was okay. but the dessert was awesome. :)

Okay , time for the cards and such.

This card is made by IVAN TAN. :) appreciated and one of the nicest. [ actually in my heart all of them are niceee ] and i think im like damn fortunate to have them making cards for moi! :)

Took this picture in a way michelle taught? :)
From siewmin and cassandra! MY MOUSES.:) darlings ! im loving you guys as much and dont worry. I _______ :)

Baobei's card. :) super lovely and touching. MY favourite card among all. OMG.
something for him : I now seriously think that miracle and bond wasn't one sided. :) It was actually shared and felt between the both of us, and im so glad i didnt give up. :) my boy i hope our relationship will last on and on , and it will not end even we died. WE will die as pals , as friends , as mates . And when we get to heaven , when we re - start i hope we will find each other and continue our bond forever. :) All the memories we had shall not be forgotten but remembered and kept in heart forever. thanks for making the effort for the card. I love it so so so much. :)

The cutest card from baobei
Yupp next was kamal's.
[ i actually took the interior but decided not to blog it ]
For kamal : yup , should have stayed in Singapore polytechnic. It'd be sooooo cool having a friend that has been in a same school together for freaking 13 years and to count on. :) But its pretty awesome that we are still in contact for soo long. Im seriously touched that you actually gave me a card and pretty much wrote something better than arran. ;) haha . That list was rubbish nar , something as SENTIMENTAL as this would be much much preferred and enough! :) We will still be seeing each other even after poly life. i will make sure of that ! :) and thanks for that day you tool time to come down . :) i really enjoy that day. :) :)

The cover was really nice. SO was the interior. :) something SO RARE AND SPECIAL from arran tan soon lee ! :) cute nar.
For arran : pardon for the above sentence i wrote for kamal WOR! :) though the words are lesser but the thoughts are there. ITs okay one , you can do it for me for every festival and you will soon be an expert in making cards wor! a skill to learn to woo hot babes. :) :) see im sooo kind. :) arran arran , i hope we will last as long as possible as friends , like those really good ones okay.! And even you have girlfriend already i still must be that special one everyday and whole year round hor , i will show you your card if you go back on your words! ITS YOUR HANDWRITING OKAY ! :)) loves you a lot k?!!!! :)

LASTLY , the favourite and best gift among all i received. :) A PHOTO ALBUM from my lover girl michelle. :) It brought me to tears. Like the kind of chilling effect you have. [ which someone quotes that it means somene in future had just walked past your grave ]

For michelle : Sweetie pie! :)) awws ~ I have countless things to say but i dont know where to start with. Using words isnt something that im good with , being mushy and all intimate isnt what i usually do too. But i hope you know and do feel that , you're someone very important to me , like a friend or more than a friend but someone special that i have been with like thru these years. We started out as people of different worlds and how the heck we got together i didnt know , but it was the best thing god did and god gave to me. Im sooooo Glad that i have you , as im someone hard to tolerate at times. [ you know what i mean ] And even though [ i know ] That i changed and through the many times i left , you didnt give up and still was there for me whenever i needed. The person best for comfort , the person best for hanging out / chilling , the person best when i needed advice for certain things , and the person that has always been that wise , that supportive and that encouraging to/for me. And the only person that has been kinky enough to try lotsa food and for accompany for magging in bookshops. * smiles like crazy *

I wouldnt mind seeing you everyday , and i wont get sickk of you , because having a familiar face to talk about something that we both know is soooo much better talking to an unknown face that doesnt know me inside out. Which i wont bother re-explaining my fmaily history/likes or things like that. :))))) Happy memories is everyday being with you &&& michelle!!! i shall turn you wild and wilder ! We have to get you swimming and cycling baby . SOOOOO our photoalbums can be as thick as [ the amount of strands of hair we have ] X 100 pages. :))))))

MICHelle , one last thing [ or maybe not ] Lotsa things [ more heartfelt things ] shall be kept within. :) and not forgotten my dear. Even im not a very good advicer but im a better listener. IF theres a need you know my number will always be available to you. :) 24/7 , if i dont pick up feel free to burst my calls and vent on me. :) :) actually i will just call you back la. :) :) :)


P.s: iknowi love them :)


When whispers no longer survive;

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