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Thursday, July 09, 2009
In a moment of spur @ 12:26 AM

In a moment of pure random-ness. I found this ;

"Chan suie <3

Maybe it was the wounds that inflicted the pain;
Maybe its the purplish past that bothers my way;
Maybe its the secrets i locked away;
In the diary that was not meant to be safe;

Maybe its just me and myself , being weird and everything else;
Not expressive enough, being introverted and DUMB;
Oh well guess this all is the past;
Where my future has NEVER yet to come;
May the light shine upon me;
And bring my KNIGHT to me;
Who will brave through the dangers with me;
And forever be with me;

This is the FANTASY i wanna see;
The CRAZIEST life i wanna live;
The only guy i wanna be with;
And i hope there is this one GUY who will give;
And presents his love whole-heartedly;
That will be the way he is;
Like the way i love him for it;

Fearless of my love;
Pillars of my world;
Deep in his heart i will appear;
Nevertheless, i still fear;
For the FUTURE that never appears;
And to the past that bought me tears;
But i will be here;
For my quest is still uncleared;
And for the things i will achieve;
To the love ones i yet to give;
My one and only special gift.

P.S 'till now i'm still being vanilla loved! "

I must be deep in thoughts writing that . LOL.

Super bored and irritated that im still in school now , 'cause lessons are suppose to end at three !?
But well , trade in an hour today for tomorrow's two hour seem not bad at all. -.-
Reading my older post = very entertaining. 'cause i get to see the difference and well sets me wonder why i changed and everything else. Like how naive i use to be.

Sometimes i really wonder , how could i be so tough / optimistic and loner in the past , i seem to survive thru' every of my life storms , almost alone.
Not to say im very dependent now , but more of an extrovert in fact. *-*

Another quote from moi : "Tears to me are nothing, just like the rain that falls upon my skin.
Vanilla loved. To me. And me. <3 suie "

I guess at a point of time , you need some one to lean on and i guess the time for me to rest have come. :)
The need for someone to understand everything where you dont even have to make a single sound , say a single word or make a slightest move 'cause he knows your tired after everything.

And somehow , its just .. wonderful ? :)
teehee. ;)))

alrights all the random-ness aside. Still have lessons and dance!!! Oh gosh. :)))) i wanna jog! i wanna Jog jog jog!!! :)

.. i really wonder ....
LOves suie. ___ pursuing my dreams.
P.S: Some hearts are lucky and i know mine's one , cause it met yours. :)


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.