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Tuesday, July 07, 2009
camouflage in my dreams @ 5:51 AM


My throat isnt getting any better these days.

* GRRS * Woke up like damn early this morning because i set the alarm time wrongly. Was feeling oh so sickk but still met Dwayne for breakfast cum lunch.

Had AH KUN [ ya kun ] :)) Was damn filling / satisfied. :))
Headed to school for CATS. Super hilarious on the way , Dwayne has become my personal joker . -.-

Random talking and group work. Assignments have been piling up , daunting. [ like what accounting lecturer said. ] OMG.
But im feeling at the least stressful. *slaps myself* :))

Afterwards was aerobics , where dwayne was having some gastric problems and me feeling like puking. awws ~ it was like double ouch.

Aerobics was a total killer today , everyone almost died. Including me. :)))
Chatted with the teacher before going to change , she claims i overworked my knee. :(


Dwayne is being very nice by sending me home in his daddy's car. Dropped me by the market while i shopped for the ingredients for tonights dinner. :) whipped up a horrible pasta. Like i didnt cooked for a thousand years , though that shouldnt be something i should push the blame on. :) Boyfriend gobbled in down. [ thank goodness ] :)) { Though i feel really bad }

By right , i shouldnt be blogging right now , 'cause i have tons of homework due tomorrow. :) shall rushed it later on. :) :)

Im feeling super sweet now . *smiles like crazy*
alrighto , i have to go already. * prepares for school tomorrow*

on the side note : my baby sister is sickk. && i miss dancing.

Adios ; pursuing my dreams ______ suie

p.s : i hope everything works out right. :)) *prays*


When whispers no longer survive;

Because there's you and me.