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Saturday, July 11, 2009
forevermore @ 7:54 PM

Okay , say i'm really really lazy. :)
yes i am :)

Been frantically finding my camera battery charger. Can't seem to find it. However it just miraculously pop out when i flipped myself over on bed. { That's how messy my room has been }

So , i have been out of job , my boyfriend got a job. & school work have been piling like high sky-scrapers upon my friends / moi table. As if saying is going to help it.
Caught my sister's performance just yesterday. :) purr-fecto. :) Manage to video it down despite my naughty camera keep flashing the stoopid out of battery sign. :) She danced real well , i highly think its the genes. :) { Indirectly - :)) }

Okay that aside , pounds have been creeping up that scary , considering 3oograms a day , which means 3 kilograms in ten days. :)))
Considering the fact i have been munching like a hippo it explains pretty much.
These few days , i have been pretty much occupied . Mentally that is . Thinking about so many things and looking at it directly. Sometimes you just discover that looks are just something use to delude or perhaps to judge about. Such that looks are deceiving.
I mean , not really all in a bad way , in a sense every face , every person and every back has a different story to tell. One might be a joker in the day , leaving in the evening together with a friend as a faithful pal having heart to heart talks and laying awake in the dawn feeling all pitiful and lonely again. Sounds pretty much like the one beside you ? { Go figure }

Confused . IM seriously emptied and tired. Want to exercise so much but just dont have the kick to do it. Even the idea of how many calories it 'd burn out doesn't help MUCH.
Im so craving for the long john. Dont ask me why , im pretty much wondering.

*grrs* alrights i have to make way for my BOYFRIEND :(
BYEEEEEE!!!!! Shall update later. :)


p.s : i just wanna live. :)


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